Communicating Across Cross Culture

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Culture Pages: 14 (4919 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The impact of communicating across cross culture at MegaMart Shana-kaye Mills 18090222
Sherica Smith 11090066
Kimberly Miller 18100317
Dave McKenzie
Yanique Clarke 60090206
Sean Taylor 18085307
Dave Bartley 18110574
Dr. Sashin Pilli

Author Note
Research conducted by Shana-Kaye Mills, Kimberly Miller, Dave McKenzie, Yanique Clarke, Sean Taylor, Sherica Smith and Dave Bartley, College of Business and Hospitality Management, Northern Caribbean University. This paper is for the partial fulfillment of the course BSAD301: Business Communication. Special Thanks to the Manager at Mega Mart, Mandeville Manchester and their staff for their contribution to this research. Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Background to the Problem3
Statement of the Problem4
Purpose of Study4
Significance of the Study4
Limitation/ Delimitation5
Definition of Terms7
Organization of Study7
Chapter 2: Literature Review8
Communication and culture9
How culture difference affect business communication12
Language and Barriers13
Non- Verbal langauage in cross culture at Mega mart13
Chapter 3: Methodology of the Research
Research Design16
Sample Selection16
Data Collection Procedures17
Data Analysis18
Ethical Issues19

Background of the study
Jamaica, “motto out of many one people”, like the other countries that make up the world, Therefore, we the Jamaica society, ask “how can we understand the different cultures” or “is it just a waste of time and energy” what are the reason of communication barriers? Our society is now filled with so many communication barriers, but what we need to understand and research the different cultures. Is communication important today? The answer is yes, no what where we go we have to encounter with different people who has different culture. This chapter seeks to outline the basis on which the study will be carried out. This foundation is critical for the successful completion of this extensive research on impact of communicating across cross culture at mega mart. The background to the problem which gives a brief description on the problem, there is the statement of problem which briefly states and explains the research topic, the purpose of study which reveals why the research will be carried out and justifies its uses, the research questions these are the three most important questions from which all other questions will flow, Theoretical Framework which is used to guide a research study, the significance of the Study which states how the findings of this study will be of value to different stakeholders such as the employees, limitations of the study will outline constraints that will hinder the study, delimitations which involves describing the boundaries of the study or how this study will be narrowed down in terms of the scope and definition of terms which will seek to make the reader aware of the important meanings of key words within the project and finally a brief overview of the entire chapter.

Statement of Problem
Using interpersonal skills, performance and knowledge to improve communicating across cross culture between employee and customers at mega mart Mandeville is not just the aim of study but also necessary in the global world. Base on the fact that numerous of people go to mega mart to shopping and it a convent store where you can find everything you will find that the demand at this store is high. Different people visit with different culture therefore it important that employee possess good interpersonal skills, research about the different cultures in other for the performance to be very good. It is my sincere and unchanging beliefs that, if employee are knowledgeable about the different cultures then performance will maximize and much easier and fun, regardless of the socio-economic backgrounds of our...

References: Culture- is the systems of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people. (Edward Tylor 1871)
Adler, N.J. International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior. 4th edition. Cincinnati: Southwestern, 2002
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