Communal Harmony

Topics: Religion, Islam, Hinduism Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: September 2, 2011
All religions in the world teach peace and peace alone. They say there is only one god. Practicing love and truth are the ways of reaching him. Christianity says, “Love, thy neighbor as you love thyself”, Prophet Mohammad taught universal brotherhood. Hinduism taught “Sarvejanah Sukhino Bhavantu”. Let all people in the world live in happiness or bliss. Budhism also taught the gospel of love. Yet the world has gone through many wars fought on the basis of religion. The crusades, the partition of India and the massacre that followed, are a few examples where religion disturbed harmony and peace. The problem does not arise for nations or State where its entire people belong to one religion. The problem arises where people belonging to more than one religion live. Of late, we see that there are conflicts even among those who follow the same religion but belong to different sects. Man with his powers of reasoning and intelligence gives his own version of truth and God, and the difference leads to a sect. in Christianity there are Catholics and Protestants. In Islam there are Sunnis and Shias. In Bhddhists there are Hinayanas and Mahayanas. In Hinduism the divisions are many. All these religions preach that there is only one God. Yet in praying to the one God there are differences and conflict. Hinduism stands for unity in diversity. There are three specified systems of philosophy ‘Advaita’, ‘Dvaita’ and Visisthadwaita’. They all say there is one God, but the man – god relationship differs in each. In Hindus there is a pantheon of gods to be prayed for God appears in different forms. Sit is all right for a philosopher. But for a common man it leads to conflict. Casteism in Hinduism is another malady. Whatever may be the root-cause for the establishment of caste it has now come to stay as a big hazard for the unity of Hindus. When harmony does not exist within one community where is a religion of tolerance. It has accepted all faiths as one and had...
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