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Common Study Habits

By vhicky Mar 05, 2011 1707 Words
Chapter I

Physics is considered as one of the most difficult and mathematically rigorous of the sciences as a subject in high school. A student cannot learn much in Physics if he does not develop good study habits as well as his attitudes and use towards studying.

The role and study of Physics in our country is very vital in order to achieve better changes. Teaching of Physics as a subject its relationship that would enable them to apply and control the things .

It is a common knowledge that many students fail in studying Physics; even those who work hard often study in ways considered unproductive by Physics teachers. Several others are just contented with barely passing grades, never developing their skills and abilities to the highest level attainable.

What to study, where to study and how to study are indispensable to every student in physics class. In fact, proper study habits are the tool for acquiring deeper understanding in physics. Good study habits largely influence the level of performance of the student on the subject.

The stress on good study habits will undoubtedly improved the students’ level of performance. Study habits are important on the part of the students so that it can make use of their time effectively and purposely instead of wasting their time with insufficient study accomplishments. It will draw them to go further with less effort and laxity.

In view of this , the researcher proposes to conduct her study on the study habits of students in physics class to help the teachers raise the level of performance of their students through the development of proper study habits. The growing number of low performers on the subject point to the need for the redirection and development of students study attitudes and practices in the teaching learning process. The research work is an attempt to address to this need.

Generally, this research work is focused in determining the study habits in physics in selected fourth year students in Kakawate National High School during the second grading of the school year 2010-2011.

In support of the main problem the study sought to answer the following specific question: 1. What is the profile of the students in terms of:
1.1 Age;
2. What is the extent of the performance of good study habits of the students with reference to :
2.1 physical condition of the study
2.2scheduling study task
2.3 reading skills
2.4classroom participations
2.5preparing assignments
2.6preparing for a test and
2.7taking a test


Review of Related Literature and Studies

This chapter presents the reviewed related literature , both from foreign and local authors and related studies from local author to substantiate and give a clearer view of this current research study relative problem cited hereto.


Local Literature

Because man is different from animals, he has the ability to think symbolically. In fact, he can recognize qualities, form, concepts, recall ,remember and memorize solutions until he forms habits (Kahayon and Young, 1992).

If study habits are formed during the early years, some educational problems could be solved such as those involving the difficulty of pupils in solving mathematical problems and their reading difficulty. Aquino averred that academic failure caused by reading difficulty gives rise to feelings of inferiority and frustrations. Because of this, teachers and parents should guide students in order to form good study habits.

Andres (1982) noted that one of the three main factors affect the success in study is the ability in studying. This ability involves knowing what to study and how to study.
Likewise, Gregorio suggested some measures by which students can be properly guided on how to study. These are follows: a) develop in the students an active interest in effective study based on an understanding of its importance; and b) help them become acquainted with the nature of the job to be done if they are to develop effectiveness in studying.

Santos, (1987) cited a number of reasons on why one should learn to read well. These include: One reads to acquire meaning, effective communication skills, for enjoyment and to socialize.

In addition to this, Kahayon and Young (1992) recommended that one should read for ideas rather than words or use the eye and do away with lip service and should read while seated upright in sufficiently illuminated quiet room fixed for the purpose where other study aid materials are easily accessible. They further suggested that relative to study habits, it is best to read alone, thus the study room may need to be compartmentalized.

Moreover, they described the effectivity of writing. Thus,
Effective scheduling. This leaves us to the subject of scheduling your studies. This periods,meals and leisure activities. Studies should be given priority over your leisure or recreational activities. That is finishing your assignment first rather than cram later on.

Foreign Literature

The process of effective study is the foundation of all progress in education. It means command and mastery of the tools of knowledge may due to effective study habits. Methods of effective study, since they are learned, they must be taught consistently throughout the school year until the learner leaves the community.

As Kahn (1993) put it,
If only all teachers taught properly. Of only they taught not just History, Mathematics, Literature or Physics whatever, but also how to study History, Mathematics, Literature and Physics....But they so often to take that side of things for granted, as if it were simply a matter of common sense.

Traditionally, educational methods operate on the premise that pupils or the students will be molded to fit into the system. The self study approach is an alternative to the traditional classroom style of learning. Learning is beast accomplished through a regular and constant schedule of small doses (Manley, 1980).

Mendez (1965), opined that many students do poor work in school not because of low intelligence but mainly because of poor study habits and many students who do very well in school do not have superior intelligence, they just have good study habits.

Likewise, Tounsend and Burke (1989), gave reason for a student to study his lessons well. First among these reasons is that the student usually needs to have good grades to enter a school of his role. The grades a students got in college is such more important than the most students realize. Business employees pay particular attention to grades; most often students with high scholastic performance are given preferences. Another reason is that being successful because of studying well will give a student many satisfactions. A good student is happy because he is relived of worries that go along with poor performance. He also got a lot of satisfactions out of knowing how to go about the job of studying and of knowing he is doing his work well. Another reason is that once a student gets in a subject deeply enough to have some mastery of it, he will discover that it is fascinating in its own right. Then studying ceased to be chore, it is something that the student would look forward to and enjoy doing. He takes pleasure in knowing more and more about the subject.

Robinson suggested five ways by which good study habits can be formed. These are: (1) develop study skills; (2) Plan time; (3) Improve the conditions for work; (4) Analyze the reasons for pursuing the study; and (5) Keep a progress chart.

Related Studies

Saclao (1995) conducted a comparative analysis of the study habits and learning environment of students in public and private secondary schools in Cabanatuan City and their relationship to academic achievements. The study was aimed to find out the study habits and learning environment of selected high school students and the relationship to academic achievement. It also sought to find the significant relationship between study habits, learning environment, sex, grade point average and type of school.

The findings of the study were:
1. Students from private school had different study habits than those from public schools;
2. There is no significant difference between the study habits of male and female students;
3. There is significant relationship between study habits and learning environments;
4. There is a significant relationship between habits and the grade point average.

In the light of the above findings, the following conclusions drawn:
1. Students from both public and private high schools have some good study habits;
2. Students gender do not affect their study habits;
3. Students from the private school have more favourable learning environment compared to those who come from the public school;
4. Learning environment affects the students study habits.

Based on the foregoing findings and conclusions, the researcher was prompted to suggest the following recommendations:
1. Teacher should encourage students to develop good study habits. The students should be taught how to study properly in order to avoid learning difficulties and low academic achievement. The study habit of students from private schools should be sustained and enriched further;

2. The school should organize student’s workshops on how to study properly;
3. The formation of study groups if recommended to encourage students to always study everyday;
4. A study on factors that affect s the study habits is recommended.
In a study conducted by Valdez (1999) entitled “Common Study Habits Practiced by the Fourth Year Students in Selected Public and Private High Schools”. The study examined the significant difference between the self-reports of the students and the perceptions of their teachers on the extent of practice of the study habits by the students. In her study she found out that;

1. The fourth year students common study habits in order of their ranks were:
a. Relies in oneself when studying;
b.Analyses the questions thoroughly before answering them;
c.Works with a will to produce results;
d.Talks over the problems with teachers if there are any;
e.Stops at a good breaking point after finishing a unit of work if possible;
f.Has a plan of work each day;
g.Reviews answers well before passing the answer sheets;
h. Tries to get work done on time.

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