Common Students Excuses

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Common Student excuses

1.I ran out of time – Use time management strategies and does the tough task first help the person use the strageities for time management prepare yourself ahead of time. Help the indivuals use time management strategies that work for them.

2.People interrupt me- Pick the time and place to study or just say no help the person find a nice quiet place to focus on the task at hand. Pick the time and place you study wisely so you don't have to worry about interruptions. Individuals need to learn self discipline and go to a quiet place for standing or completing a difficult task.

3.Professor puts too much pressure on me- Professor sees the potential you have help the person organize /prioritize what needs to be done first. Maybe he/she may see more potential in you than you may not see in yourself Help the indivuals organize /prioritize their task from most important to least important.

4.I feel overwhelmed and I panic at quizzes and deadlines- Set your priorities and manage your time wisely Help the person prioritize. This is something your professor should be aware of Start with practice test and quizzes manage your study time wisely you will feel more confident with test or quiz time comes around. Being overwhelmed and panicking is a sign of being uncertain priorization skills need their.

5.I over slept follow time management. Try and allow yourself 12 hours of sleep instead of the usual 8 or 6 hrs and if you oversleep jump right in don't let that be an excuse not to do your part. Again time management trying to incorporate too much time in one day; use organization skills to conquer on or two large task and a few small ones, instead of trying to do everything at once.
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