Common Sense

Topics: American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: March 18, 2007
Propaganda is used in many ways to persuade people to believe certain ideas or thoughts about a topic. This can be in the form of newspapers, commercials, pictures, or any other type of communication. In order for people to agree with these ideas, the propaganda must be effective. Thomas Paine's pamphlet, Common Sense proves to be an effective piece of propaganda. His thoughts are understandable and relatable and many people benefitted from his writing. Paine downgraded his opposing view and often repeated his statements to make them clear. This criteria is necessary for effective propaganda.

One criteria necessary to have effective propaganda is that it should be understandable. Thomas Paine's Common Sense is very easy to understand. He uses simple language to describe his thoughts and the pamphlet is written so that an average person can read it. Common Sense is also informative and was of good use to the people in 1776 who were indifferent about their decision on American independence. The fact that this book is beneficial makes it effective propaganda. For example, when Common Sense was published in 1776, many of those undecided people supported Thomas Paine and his ideas. Americans were able to relate to what Paine wrote, adding to his book's effectiveness.

Thomas Paine often wrote in his pamphlet about how Britain felt superior to the colonies and how Britain protected the colonies for its own financial gain. The colonists could relate to this, they knew where he was coming from. People should be able to relate to what they are being persuaded into in order for the propaganda to be successful. Thomas Paine met this criteria and related to America as a whole with the book Common Sense. Besides this reason, perhaps Thomas Paine's book was so effective because he was repetitive with his words. He constantly states the fact that England's constitution and monarchy are bad, saying that they are "exceedingly complex". By repeatedly stating the same thoughts,...
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