Common Microsoft Access terms

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 Common Microsoft Access terms

Some common Microsoft Access terms are;
1) Field which are specific pieces or categories of data. I would simplify this term by saying a field is information such as; a name, address, phone number. How I explain it will vary from person to person depending on how familiar they are with Microsoft Access. 2) Record which is a group of related fields that describe something. The easiest way to explain this is by saying a record is a field that describes another field. For example, one field would say Christina Lamb the record would say transaction and would list the transaction. If a person knows the program well, no explanation will be needed. If they know little or none at all, I would have to break it down. It’s hard to explain how as each person level of understanding is different. 3) Table which is a collections of records for one single subject. I would simplify this by using an example such as, you have one customer who has made multiple purchases on different days, a table will be there whole purchase history. How this can be explained differently from person to person. It is hard to say from one person to the next how I would these. Each person’s level of understanding from the other. In some cases it can be easy to know how experienced they are, some will come out and say they don’t know what they are doing, others will use other terminology that an inexperienced person may not know.
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