Common Core Standards as a Roadmap

Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: August 13, 2014
So often teachers are gathered up each month to sign a paper, watch a PowerPoint and listen to someone spew the latest theory labeled as professional development.  Having state oversight bodies oversee teacher preparation and development based on Common Core Curriculum would be refreshing.  “In order to create a national system, we must begin with standards, then adopt curriculum and curriculum materials and then develop assessment – in that order.” (Koonce, 2014, p. 118)  If resources were spent on teachers to address, create, assess and coach Common Core Standards this would be true professional development.   In addition to developing the standards we also need to develop the teachers who must have mastery of the standard they are delivering.  “In an era when states are coming to recognize the national importance of a coherent education system, they are working together to find ways to raise expectations for all.” (Koonce, 2014, p. 117)   Included in the expectations for all should be the teacher. It would be a good idea to have an oversight body that would assess the teacher’s understanding of the lesson and the supporting tools prior to entering the classroom.  Certifying the teacher to implement Common Core Standards rather than trusting a teacher to implement the standard would be the action I would take.  How can we as teachers ask our students to participate in standard based curriculum if we as teachers do not assess our teaching practices of the standards?  How can students demonstrate understanding or mastery of a standard if the teacher who delivers the lesson is not certified to address such standards? It is nice to know that both sides of the Common Core Standards argument can agree that high expectations should be similar for all children of our nation.  In order to assess students from a rural educational institution compared to their urban cohorts, a standard based assessment would be best. The standard will be the same for the two students but...
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