Common Core

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School based initiatives to implement Common Core
Implementing the Common Core curriculum will be quite a conversion from the previous curriculum, however, I have some ideas for school based initiatives that can ease students, parents, staff, and the community into the changeover. The vision for the school would of course be the successful implantation and teaching of common core thorough the building. Here are some school based initiatives that an administrator could begin; first, an administrator can contact other school systems that have already started the curriculum to get information about the program. For example, if you knew someone in Baltimore County that has already started implementing the curriculum, you could get ideas on how to initiate the transition at your school. Also, teachers and staff can visit other schools that have success with the common core curriculum. Third, once the test is over, you can celebrate student’s success by having a social gathering among the students. This can motivate student to do their best and get the reward for all their hard work. Daily treats for the staff would also be given to the staff the week of testing. Staff celebrations can be given to the staff once testing is officially over. This keeps staff motivated and engaged in testing procedures and to push the students to do their best. Parental meetings can also be held along with common core packets that have practice test and skills within the packet so parents can understand the skills that students need to learn. Just as Boykin and Noguera infer, Professional Staff Developments are mandatory among staff to learn to learn up to date information; “The performance of each student is monitored closely, teachers receive professional development that is tailored to enable them to become more effective at meeting learning needs…” (Boykin and Noguera) Professional developments would be mandatory and staff would report back what they learned from the meetings. Staff development with outside speakers can motivate and encourage teachers to have “self efficacy” and confidence to teach the skills to students and teach the skills correctly. Another school based initiative that would be helpful would be to develop Saturday and Summer workshops for students and parents so that both students and parents can get practice with the common core tasks. Lastly, a letter to the students from the Principal that speaks encouraging words to them lets the students lets students know the Principal cares about how they score on the test. Rationale behind the Strategies to implement Common Core

All stakeholders (administrators, teachers, community members, and students) need to take part in the initiation of common core at the school level. Having this bond creates a partnership among the stakeholders that encourages and motivates everyone involved. Sometimes students and parents see “just another test” however, the skills and strategies presented on the PARCC assessments prepares students for careers, problem solving as adults, and college; “These new K-12 assessments will build a pathway to college and career readiness by the end of high school, mark students’ progress toward this goal from 3rd grade up, and provide teachers with timely information to inform instruction and provide student support” ( Parents and even the students will see the “big picture”. Challenges implementing Common Core

Challenges will always slow down progress, but not necessarily stop the evolution of common core within the school infrastructure; “For educators trying to gain traction in their efforts to close the achievement gap, it is important to note that the obstacles they are likely to encounter in high-poverty urban and rural districts will be very different from those in more affluent suburban districts” (Boykin and Noguera). In a district such as Baltimore City, there will certainly be challenges. One of the many...
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