Commercials and Their Propaganda Techniques

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Why do commercials use propaganda techniques? Is it to influence our emotions or is it because they lack actual factual support for their claims? The answer is both. Propaganda techniques are used by advertisers, salespeople, and politicians because they lack adequate factual support for their points, so they appeal to our emotions by using propaganda techniques.
In the particular commercial for the Samsung Galaxy smart phones, Name Calling, Plain Folks, and Bandwagon propaganda techniques are used. It is no secret that smart phone creators have to appeal to average consumers and get them to jump on board to buy their product. So in a not so surprising way to gather new customers, Samsung releases a commercial the same day another major competitor (Apple) releases their sixth version of their top selling smart phone. The commercial is a mock up of Apple customers waiting in line for the “next big thing”. Throughout the commercial average consumers are sitting outside an unnamed store in a long line waiting to purchase an unnamed phone. It begins with the typical Apple consumers boasting about the new groundbreaking features that the new smart phone will have. Some of these features were mocked as if they were more innovative than they actually were such as a woman with an exhilarating and surprised tone saying “the headphone jack will be on the bottom!” Other features were mocked in a negative tone such as the annoyance of having to buy a new adapter to connect your new phone to your already purchased dock with one customer saying that it is okay because Apple makes the “coolest adapters”. Halfway through the commercial, a consumer is then shown using a Galaxy phone which leads to the person next to him in line welcoming him back and asking him if the Galaxy phone worked out or not. Much to his dismay, the consumer replies that he is just saving a spot (which later turns out to be for his elderly parents) and that he enjoys his Galaxy phone. Another line from

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