Commercialization of religion in Pakistan

Topics: Islam, Religion, Christianity Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: November 4, 2013
The concern of this study is the utilization of the mass media in the commercialization of religions in Nigeria. The study has tried to examine, in a concise manner, how African Religion (Afrel), Christianity and Islam, which are said to be the principal religions in Nigeria, make use of the mass media, such as the press, radio, television, audio and video cassettes, tracts, pamphlets and books for commercialization purpose. The study is comparative in nature. The materials are derived mainly from primary sources through participants’ observations, interviews, and literary sources. It was discovered that both good and bad merchants of religions use the media. Among the identified good users were some ethical preachers, singers, poets, playwrights, and so on. Since the mass media are easily manipulated, as indicated in this study, and in view of primordial gullibility, the study recommends that the Nigerian public should be watchful and discerning of the pronouncements and deeds of merchants of religions who reach-out through the mass media. Since swindling is more often than not a suspect, the study recommends reliance on prayer, faith, and hope only, as much as possible. Introduction Ordinarily, religion, as a term, evokes the idea of the supernatural and the mystical, while the word commerce refers to one of the most mundane human activities. And so, the concept of commercialization of religions appears contradictory, if not out rightly negative. Yet, there seems to be no doubt that the three major religions that are practised in Nigeria (African Religion -Afrel-, Christianity, and Islam) are commercialized by some or many of their adherents in one form or the other.
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