Commercial Analysis

Topics: Family, Mother, Joke Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Jerome C. Marcilliana
“The family that eats together stays forever.”
This proves in the latest Lucky me commercial that imbued Filipino close family relation. Lucky Me is a brand of noodles which became popular known for its Pancit Canton. As far as this brand is concerned, it came up with a beautiful and inspiring commercial which intends not only to attract people but most importantly, they want us to see the values they are trying to portray. These values include family bonding and being happy together whatever happens. This commercial is truly an example of what the Filipino family really is. It shows that as of today, Filipino families are still intact to each other. They still eat together in one dining table even everyone has busy schedules. While eating, they share stories and experiences which make them laugh so hard or even cry. All of these are clearly seen in this commercial. It only proves that close family ties is still there and will stay forever in our hearts. On the first scene of the commercial, the father, mother and the only daughter are eating together. At first, they seemed to be happy, throwing jokes to each other but then, in just a while, the daughter breaks the momentum. She told her parents about pregnancy. The parents both got nervous about the issue especially when the daughter tells them “ Daddy, Mommy buntis po……..” The parents can’t say anything. They are shocked and speechless. They are expecting that their daughter is pregnant. But when the daughter saw her parents’ reaction, she doesn’t know what to do, if she’s going to laugh or cry. Finally, she reveals the truth. She said that her Best friend is the one who is pregnant. The parents had enough breath this time and seemed so glad of what they heard. They told their daughter that it’s bad to fool around even if it is a joke. In the end, they still laughed together. This commercial wants to tell us that even when we grow old, we...
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