Commerce vs Humanities

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The combination of a Commerce student with Humanities skills would be irresistible

In today’s times there is a clear-cut distinction between certain tertiary educational courses, namely the two major aspects of Commerce or business and Humanities or liberal arts. I believe though that the distinction of the two interwoven materials is incorrect and that an integration of the materials taught must be established. In this essay I will clarify that the one is not more necessary than the other but that they are equally essential and crucial to the development of civilisation’s enhancement. There are vast similarities and differences between these two faculties with regards to their content, skills taught and overall educational learning. Most of my essay will revolve around how the Commerce and the Humanity faculties not only prepare you for life’s ambitions, experiences and setbacks but also the role that a the degrees play in the lives of students. In my essay I will convey the response that a Commerce degree does not necessarily prepare a student for life’s experiences nor that it is much superior to how a Humanities course ensures a student’s higher learning and further development.

A problematic scenario however is created when a comparison is made between the two faculties and that is that the two faculties may view certain facets of the world the correspondingly. On the one hand the Commerce faculty deals with what works and anticipates predictions, numbers, trends, how the world works from a business perspective and how the core needs and wants of the world are satisfied but on the other side of the spectrum the Humanities faculty preaches philosophical concepts, why the world works, understanding human behaviour on a larger scale, the teaching and understanding of complex ideas by studying history and through data collection. Personally I review the Commerce or Humanities faculty in equal regard however with regards to the comment “A career without a...
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