Commerce Education

Topics: Education, Higher education Pages: 13 (4089 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Vidyasagar University Journal of Commerce Vol. 12, March 2007

D. Obul Reddy*
ABSTRACT The paper is an objective introspection about the Commerce Education – its objectives, its problems, its job potential, its quality and its relevance to the present day needs of our country.

Purpose of Education
The broad objectives of the University education are, liberal education with the aim of fostering in the students an attitude of objective enquiry and some understanding of the society and social change, of the problems of human relationships and the human and social implications of technological change, and developing a capacity to appreciate the finer values of life etc. These objectives are taken as implied in the case of business education also. Education should be a three-fold process of imparting knowledge, developing skills, and inculcating proper attitudes and values towards life and society in general. It must enable the individual to develop the activity and skill to earn and carry on reasonable standard of living and it must also enable him to develop his creative faculties to the utmost so that intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually he is in a position to enrich his personality.

Business / Commerce Education
Business education or commerce education is that area of education which develops the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for the successful handling of trade, commerce and industry. Till yester years, commerce education is business education. But, in tune with the needs of the business and society, independent professions have emerged in the form of chartered accountant, cost and works accountant, company secretary and business administrator (M.B.A.). Thus, the cream of commerce has gone and it remained now as an academic discipline giving general and liberal education.

* Former Professor of Commerce & Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Osmania University, Hyderabad and Former President, Indian Commerce Association and presently, Professor of Management, Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration, Hyderabad. This paper represents the extension lecture he delivered on 23rd March, 2007 at Dept. of Commerce with Farm Management, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore on invitation.


Commerce education is a living discipline and is totally different from other disciplines. Hence, it must charter new routes to service the aspirations of the nation. To man the economic development of the country and to meet the growing needs of the society, there is greater demand for sound development of commerce education in Indian Universities. But, what has been going in the name of Commerce education is only liberal and general education. Is that the objective of commerce education? In the process of catering to everybody, we are not able to cater to the needs of any body.

State and Status of Commerce Education in India
Commerce Education in India was started in 1886, over a hundred and twenty years ago. Since then it has experienced tremendous growth. Commerce faculties are established in many Universities. In order to understand the progress of commerce education in India since Independence and its present position, we have to rely on statistics. Table-1 presents the increasing number of commerce students since 1950-51. The increase in enrolment is substantial from 0.36 lakh in 1950-51 to 14.10 lakhs in 1995-96 and to 20 lakhs now. Table-2 presents the enrolment in M.Com and B.Com courses in India during last one and half decades. One important feature of it is that the number of girl students in commerce is on increase in absolute and relative terms both at M.Com and B.Com levels. Table-3 presents the proportion of enrolment at B.Com and M.Com levels. It is clear from the table that about 8% only are going for M.Com/higher education. About 92% stop with graduation. Therefore there is a need to make commerce graduation courses more...
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