Commerative speech on Bruce Lee

Topics: Bruce Lee, Martial arts, Chinese martial arts Pages: 2 (1264 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Name: Zovin Chong
Tutorial Grp: W18 Date: 15 September 2014
Title: Commemorative speech
Topic: Bruce Lee
Specific purpose: (I want my audience)…to know the reasons why I want to pay tribute to Bruce Lee. Central Idea: What are the various achievements and accomplishments that he has and what made him the famous icon people recognized him as today. ___________________________________________________________________ Introduction

Born between 6 and 8am on November 27 1940, both the hour and year of the dragon, his symbolic birth marks the start of a new age, the age where a new martial art style is created which supersedes any other form of martial arts that has ever existed, the age where the Asians will never be looked down upon again by the Westerns, the age of this powerful man called Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is a Chinese born in the States who was introduced to his first martial arts style called Wing Chun at the early age of 13. Despite being relatively small in size for an Asian, he possesses the tremendous amount of speed and strength He was very dedicated to martial arts and trained very diligently to win in various boxing championships. He then got interested in acting as a career later in his life and became one of the most influential pop culture figures in American and around the world. His philosophy in martial places huge emphasize on mimicking the nature of water; being able to adapt to any situations by continually moving to find a way around obstacles. His philosophy also stressed the idea that one must adapt what is useful, remove what is unneeded, and create something unique. This important system could be easily applied to many specializations in life which is why it has such a profound impact on individuals from various walks of life. He brought Asian culture into American society and helped to remove stereotypes between the East and the West. Bruce Lee revolutionized the depiction of unarmed combat in action films, laying the foundations...

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