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In the State of the Nation Address of President Noynoy Aquino last week what i liked most about his speech is the way he addressed the Filipino people. He addressed the people as his ‘bosses’, and in all humility he regarded all his achievements for the past year as the achievements of the country, his and the Filipino People’s achievements. He always use ‘nagawa natin’ at ‘atin’ throughout his speech. This shows how he sees his position not just as a powerful position, but a privilege to represent the country and serve the people. This mind set gives me hope, that he would serve better than the previous officials who have been drowned in the corrupt system. I liked best the way he presented his SONA as ‘makamasa’. He used Filipino, but in the best way possible. He opted not to use english like how the previous president Arroyo did. But i liked it because by doing so, he was able to capture the attention of everyone, not just those who are educated. He was able to get the attention of even the poorest of the poor because the language he used did not hinder them from understanding; but at the same time because of his correct manner of speaking, his educated way of addressing, and his strategy of using facts and figures in his speech, he was also able to capture the eyes and ears of the middle and upper class. My friends and i are actually living statements. I find this year’s SONA more effective and striking than the previous year’s. It actually got my attention and made me believe that there’s hope for this country, hope for progress, and hope that corruption will be erradicated in the system. The main problem in this country is not the resources, nor the skills of the people, but that of corruption. And the president was right in addressing this issue and attacking all the problems right through the roots. Throughout his SONA, he constantly uses ‘wang-wang’ and stresses his struggles to fight against it. He is brave and direct in addressing corruption. He was specific in his examples and i think this is a good way of waking up the officials who are abusive of their power. His example about the abuse in traffic by the officials, inclucing their ‘padrino and alipores’ was a simple way of showing how much he hates corruption even in its simplest form. He was right in saying the officials ‘imbis na maglingkod, ay naghahari’, because it is a reality in our country. Those who run for office mostly are interested in the power, not in what they can do for the country. They are more focused on their personal benefits rather than the common good. If we want a better society, this mentality should change.

Next to attacking ‘wang-wang’, the thing i liked best about his achievements was the housing for the police and the military. He was right in saying that it’s really difficult to say no to ‘pagdedelihensiya’ when your family is struggling for money. We all know that the police and military don’t really earn much, and in our Filipino culture of having lots of children, and making wives just as housewives, it surely won’t be enough to support the whole family. Providing housing for them will give them no excuse to resolve to corruption. It’s similary to the case of the criminals who resolve to stealing because of extreme hunger. If only they are provided with food or a sustainable job as a source of income, then i’m sure that most of them will not even consider stealing as an option. A large percentage really just steal because of necessity.

The 23 Billion lower interest rate is also impressive, because second to corruption, the greatest problem we probably have is national debt. Every year, instead of rising up from it, ‘lalo lang tayong nababaon’. We have been stuck in the quicksand of our debts, because each year just increases our debts exponentially. This 23 Billion pesos saved from the interest can go a long way in terms of helping our country address its more urgent needs. This, the president says, is...
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