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Commentary Research: “Wintergirls” by John Steinbeck
In this reasearch, we will focus on the elements of literature; particulary on the theme, character, plot, and point of view of the novel “Wintergirls” by John Steinbeck. Wintergirls is a novel for adolescent and young adult which published in 2009. The main character in this novel, Lia, is an adolescent. Also the writing style of this novel is in adolescent perspective. Lia and her best friend - Cassie swear to be the skinniest girl in the school. They are eating disorder sufferer, Lia has an anorexia nervosa while Cassie has a bulimia. The phenomenon of a view about the perfection of physical is an important issue in adolescent. The theme in Wintergirls novel shows about isolated, fear, and self-esteem. The main character of this novel, Lia, isolated with herself obsession to be the skinniest. She has extremely low self-esteem. She calls herself as ‘fat, ugly, stupid, and disgusting’. When she looks in the mirror, her thought say that she is fat, while in fact her body looks like skeleton. Her disorder eating isolated herself to stop eating, change her mind about food. In one side, as a human, she needs to eat, and in another side she isolated by her fear to be fat. She torturing herself, as in the words: “I’m hungry I need to eat. I hate eating. I need to eat. I hate eating. I need to eat. I love not-eating (p.145)”. The condition of her imperfect family is more isolated herself, Lia becomes more introvert girl. Lia is a girl who has family dysfunction. Her parents were divorce, her father has lots of affairs and her mother is too busy with her career as cardiologist. She lives with her father and her step mother who does not really care to her. The lack of caring from her family makes she does not have anyone to hear her problem. Moreover an incident of Cassie death makes Lia’s life more difficult. Every time she has to struggle with the shadow of her fear...

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