Commentary on a Handmaid's Tale

Topics: The Handmaid's Tale, Harvard University, Totalitarianism Pages: 4 (1554 words) Published: November 6, 2006
In chapter 41, it starts out with Offred saying how much she hates the story she is telling and that she wishes that it could be different and that it could be more civilized or happier. She gives a very graphic metaphor ¡°like a body caught in crossfire or pulled apart by force¡±. This show just how much it pains her to tell this story and how gruesome and inhumane the story is to her. But then she goes on the say that she has tried to put in some good things that would make the story better. This shows that Offred is an optimistic person. She earns and tries her best to see some good when everything seems so evil. Offred tells her imagined listener that her story is almost too painful to bear, but that she needs to go on telling it because it wills her listener into being. She creates hope for herself that there is still a world to escape to. She does not say exactly whom she is talking to but I think that she is talking to Luke because she says that she would like to talk with him if ever they both escape and meet again. Offred says she continues to see Nick at night without Serena¡¯s knowledge. He never says much but she begins to open up to him. Telling about herself, about Moira, Ofglen and even her own name. But she never tells him about Luke. This passage shows Offred¡¯s growing love for Nick, if not love, her attachment and affection. She says that every time she hurries ¡°across the few feet of illuminated lawn¡± ¡°to feel the bullets rip through me even in advance of their sound¡±. Even though she knows all the danger that she is putting herself in, she takes the chances because she loves him. And she also tells him so much about herself because she trusts him and trust comes with love. Offred tells us that every time that she goes to Nick, he is holding something and that he has his own ¡°stash of black-market stuff¡±. This shows one of the small failures of Gilead. Since it is a totalitarian state, it is supposed to control everything, but people are...
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