Commentary on the Burden of Being a National University

Topics: University, Public university, Faculty Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: May 7, 2013
As the title of the speech affirms, assuming the label of being the National University and facing the burdens tied upon it was the central issue discussed throughout the speech. The speaker, a professor who has worked in the academe for decades, has of no doubt, already acquired significant knowledge of the university’s functions and tasks, and is thus, able to truly understand and express the recognition and the obligations of being called the National University. His speech was addressed to his fellow professionals in the field of education, to the university’s students and to the public as a whole. He first elaborated on what was expected of the UP system by the public. Then he moved on to the functions, roles of the academe as a traditional and as the National University. He was also able to narrate the transitions that UP went through and how these transitions molded it to be where it is now. The essay aimed to expose and persuade at the same time. It can be said that by having enough familiarity of the UP system from his long years of experience, Mr. David was able to effectively expose to his audience the changes that UP went through and how the said changes made UP the university it is now. As the overall tone of the essay was challenging, he also tried to convince the students and its faculty to do what they must in order to overcome the challenges of being entitles as the National University. It was also a good thing that as he asked them to do so, he has already enumerated possible ways to face these challenges. His way of posing these challenges was also commendable as he still gave limitations to what the University may ask from its students. In the end, he well reinforced the idea that the principal burden of being a national university is precisely that UP has to be—for our country—not just a source of light, but a beacon of hope and commitment through many seasons of despair.
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