Commentary on Sublimus Dei

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The public, historical text “Sublimus Dei” promulgated by Paul III Pope during his papal throne the 29th of May of 1537 and addressed to all faithful Christians is a Papal Bull which forbids the enslavement of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The main idea of this text located in the last paragraph, is the enslavement and evangelization of Indians and other peoples. Paul III Pope declares that Indians should be converted to the Christian faith by preaching the word of God and by the example of good and the holy living.

We can find secondary ideas in the text. The first one, in the lines 11-12 “Go ye and teach all nations” According to Paul III Pope, all the human being, without exception, are capable of receiving the doctrines of the faith because the sublime God endowed him with capacity to attainto the inaccesible and invisible Supreme Good.

We can find other secondary ideas in the text:
1.   The sublime God created a man with the capacity to reach the Supreme Good, in order to do that, men should possess the faculties that enable them to have faith in Lord Jesus Christ. We can find it in the lines 3-8: “The Sublime God so loved the human race that (…) endowed him with the capacity to attain to the inaccessible and invisible Supreme Good (…) none may obtain save through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, (…) he should possess the nature and faculties enabling him to receive that faith”. 2.   In the lines 10-13 it is said that Christ asks the preachers to go and teach all the nations with the doctrines of the faith. Next, it is stated that Christians consider the Indians to be truly human and believe they desire to receive the Catholic Faith as we can read in the lines 21 and 22: “Indians are truly men and that (…) they desire exceedingly to receive it (Catholic Faith)”. Finally, in that same paragraph it is stated that every person should be given the same credit and by no means could they be deprived of their liberty or they...
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