Commentary on English A1 (Sl) Paper 1: Prose.

Topics: Love, Human, Emotion Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: January 30, 2012
The prose taken from The American Scholar is a descriptive prose, literally explaining both the physical appearance of the biggest heart in the world and the function of a heart, while upon further analysis, the readers can find more connotations to those lines that all living creatures have one thing in common: a heart that is able to experience emotions of a kind- love. The author achieves those effects through a wide range of techniques from the use of metaphor, sentence structure, and language.

The author first humanizes the descriptive account of a whale to make further connection to humans. In the second and third lines of the prose, both similes and house metaphor are present: “as big as a room” and “as big as swinging doors in a saloon”. The “room” leads the reader to a connotation of a big empty space, and that the heart of a whale is as spacy as a room, in fact, the author further justifies this by the use of italic word in the ‘is’ of “it is a room, with four chambers.” The use of the number “four” emphasizes a large quantity for “one” heart, signifying the large in size the whale heart is. Colloquial language is also illustrated in the “waaaaay” the author uses next to the adjective “bigger” to slow down the reading tempo enhancing its meaning; that the size of a whale is gigantic, and is helped by a further comparison to the “car”- a mechanical object that can carry passengers. The author also associates the whale’s life with the human life, this can be seen from “puberty” “diet” and “social life”- three strong dictions that clearly symbolize the lifestyle and the life cycle of human beings.

Another key idea is that the author attempts to show some connection between all things in nature, and that in reality one cannot control one’s emotion. The use of similar repeated sentence structure in paragraph two suggest that all creatures no doubt have one thing in common, that is the presence of a heart and the emotion it can carry. Although the...
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