Comment on the Contrasting Descriptions and Opinions of Mr. and Mrs. Chawla on Their Son, Sampath. Explore Tones, Contrasts, Changes Brought Out by Diction, Etc.

Topics: Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard, Kiran Desai, The Reader Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: September 14, 2011
Comment on the contrasting descriptions and opinions of Mr. and Mrs. Chawla on their son, Sampath. Explore tones, contrasts, changes brought out by diction, etc. (Approx. 600-800 words)

Chapter three of Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard by Kiran Desai brings out interesting contrasting opinions of Mr and Mrs Chawla, on their son, Sampath. Firstly, Mr Chawla’s character is of a person who is extremely planned, organized and positive. “He hoped to inspire his family and seek out a day as full of promise and activity as his own would be”. This suggests that he wishes to inspire his family and Sampath especially by setting himself as an example for them. As a result, Mr Chawla wants Sampath to be more like him; enthusiastic and prompt at his job. “Launching into one of the lectures he felt compelled to give Sampath every now and then... Put your best foot forward always...don’t complain. It is only a small thing”. This further supporting the reader’s idea that Mr Chawla feels that Sampath should not have “a lack of initiative” and should display a positive attitude at his workplace, just like Mr Chawla. In addition to, the author has used compelled, making the reader feel that Mr Chawla believes that it’s his forceful duty to give Sampath a dose of reality; a necessity. Furthermore, it is highly evident that Mr Chawla is unpleased with Sampath’s not bothered attitude towards life and his progress at work. “Mr Chawla taking a notice at his son’s distressing lack of initiative... Where is your common sense these days?” This further supports that Mr Chawla believes that Sampath is unresponsive towards life. Moreover, when Mr Chawla asks Sampath about his work and Sampath mumbles “all right”, “the reply irritated Mr Chawla... You don’t sound very certain. If things were going all right, you wouldn’t be earning the same salary you were earning last year and the year before that, now would you?’”. This showcases Mr Chawla’s reaction to Sampath’s casualness about his...
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