Comment on how Arnold Schoenberg uses musical elements in the Peripetie

Topics: Music, Arnold Schoenberg, Tonality Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Comment how Arnold Schoenberg uses the following musical elements in the Peripetie Arnold Schoenberg was born in Vienna in 1874, he was a Professor of composition In Berlin and later in Los Angeles. He used to compose music in the romantic style which then changed to 20th century. His music style is of expressionism which became increasingly dissonant and chromatic. The sense of key became less and less obvious until eventually it resulted in atonality. The term “Peripetie” in music means “a sudden change or reversal and is from Schoenberg’s five orchestral pieces. Melody: “Klangfarbenmelodie”, a term in the German language for music, which means tone color melody and this is a technique used throughout the piece. The Peripetie also uses a 12-tone row which is a row of 12 notes that go in a chromatic scale, this feature is used in a composition technique called serialism, which was invented by Schoenberg, and this technique includes inversion, retrograde, retrograde inversion and augmentation. Thirdly, wide leaps and large intervals are also used mainly throughout the piece which makes it very disjunked. Finally, the symbol, “H” in bar 3, is “Haupstimme”, this means Prime melody, or the most important melody and the other symbol “N” is Nebenstimme, which means secondary melody or the second most important melody. Dynamics: The peripetie uses a very wide range and contrast of dynamics, from fff (fortississimo) and ppp (pianississimo) which mean, from extremely loud to really quiet. For example, one of the instructions are to play “as loud as possible” which means that the instruments have to play at their extreme pitch range and pitch. Tonality and Harmony: The peripetie is atonal, which means an absence of tone and key, Shoenberg’s sense of key began decreasing and became less obvious and eventually became atonal and became very difficult to understand. The piece also uses hexachords, which use the same rule of a chromatic scale by using semitones and tones....
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