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Comment: Life in the City and on the Country

By JohannaLeutnant1 May 24, 2013 430 Words
Life in the country and in the city
The following text is about the question whether a life in the country or in the city is better. My personal opinion is that a life in the city is the better choice. First, in the city there is a plenty of activities and sports on offer. In nearly every city is e.g. a cinema or a theatre and gyms are there, too. In the country you are far away from places like these. There you cannot walk around the next corner and have got so many possibilities. Although some people say the feeling of unity in the city is worse, I think that you have the chance to have contact with many more people than in the country. Another reason why life in the city is better is that the infrastructure is a lot better. In nearly every town is a hospital, there are lots of doctors and the local supply is better, too. In the country you have to drive to the next city and in case of an emergency that could be a real problem. On the one hand the nature in the country is wonderful and living in the country is better for children because they can play outside without being afraid of getting hit by a car. But on the other hand in a town there are more kindergartens and more schools and it is not so difficult to get a nanny. So it is a lot easier to combine job and family. The big advantage of the country is the quiet and peaceful idyll and of course the non-polluted air. But we should not forget the slowly Internet connection and the importance of a car, because you are probably far away from a supermarket and other shops. We have to keep in mind that in a town there is often a good mix of historical buildings and new, modern places. Also you have contact with different cultures there. The most important argument which has to be mentioned is that the place of work is in the city probably nearer and do not need a car because you have got a lot of different means of transport like buses and the underground. It is for these reasons that I think that living in the city is better than living in the country. But I also think that it is maybe better to grow up in a village because it is safer. However it is maybe easier to live in a city as an adult.

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