Commemorative Speech on President O.

Topics: Illinois, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 19, 2013
President Barack Obama has made an undeniable mark in the history of the United States. He has proven to be not only the first Black president but has demonstrated how his influential persona and his oratorical spirit can move human spirits. He empowers many through his actions and through his ability to delivery to use his words to cause one to ponder and reach from within to help make a change. He continues to make history even now as make he has make his indelible foot print here in America and on the world. I. Barack Hussein Obama was born to the Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (a Kenyan international) and Stanley Ann Durham. Apart from being biracial (African & White), He maintains a maternal lineage with famous personalities such as Dick Cheney, Wild Bill Hickok and Christopher Columbus Clark,(his great-great great grandfather) a highly decorated Civil War union soldier . I like to talk about how President Obama inspired my life through a number of direct and indirect actions A. He became the first black president. He harnessed the motivation despite the fear of defeat, ridicule and opposition to become President where some had attempted without success 1. He toppled all of the stereotypical views that have tormented men of color for years. . 2. He paved a way for education costs to make manageable for students, and is making valiant attempts to stabilize the housing and job market. Getting an education was not of my top priorities however having observing President Obama academic exploits throughout the years inspired me. Let’s briefly discuss a few.

B. He was able to demonstrate his superb academic prowess by being accepted into Harvard School of Law; 3. He became the first Black President of the famed Harvard University Law Review paper and graduate Magna Cum Laude of his class. 4. He was humbled through his tenure and gave credit due to others for successes at Harvard as...
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