Commemorative Speech

Topics: Thing, Supergroup, English-language films Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Have you ever seen children talking to their toys while there are playing? They talk to them like if they were alive. Looking at children game we, adults, make fun of them.However, many of adults have a thing they are addicted to, the things that we treat different. So, have you thought that things might have a soul? I do.

20 years ago: it was a cold and rainy day. My mom and me went to visit my grandma. I stayed at her house over night. Right before to go to bed my grandma take out a small bottle with an unknown substance, squeezed the bottle, and applied this substance on her hands.I wondered what she was doing, she pointed at the bathroom door and told me to wash my hands and go to my bed. That night my grandma revealed the secret of beautiful hands. She introduced me the hand cream VELVET HANDS.

Once I applied this cream on my hands I realized that I will not be able to live without it.The unique texture of the cream is unlike any you have ever felt; it is not sticky or greasy, and has a nice pleasant smell. This velvety cream instantly hydrates the delicate skin of your hands making it smoother, firmer and softer.

The day after when I came back home I noticed that my mom is using the same cream. I did tell nothing but since that time, and every night before going to bed I used this cream taking it secretly from my mom`s purse.

Many happy days I shared with this cream. We were like best friends always together. Especially, I remember cold and windy days of fall, when the skin on my hands get dry or spring time when skin coat needs more vitamins and extra care. My secret cream played a role of the first aid. It was only one the thing that could make my skin soft and smooth like a velvet.

My first grade, High school, University, until 2 months ago we were inseparable. When I was leaving my country I was not planning to stay in the US this long. My mom provided me with the cream enough just for a year. The last 2 bottles I used carefully,...
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