Commemorative Speech

Topics: United States, The Beatles, Battleship Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: April 14, 2009
I. (Attention Grabber) George Strait emerged in the early 80’s and is still winning awards to this day. Just last week he won album of the year and single of the year. II. (Central Idea)It’s unbelievable how many years this man can keep making number one hit albums and songs over a course of three generations. George has had 50 number one hits while his albums consistently go platinum and gold. He hasn’t changed the sound of his music since the beginning of his career, which seems to amaze lots of people due to the changing of the music industry over the last thirty years. III. (Credibility) I haven’t been to a concert, but I have listened to his music since I was a little girl. IV. (Preview) Tonight, I would like to honor Pearl Harbor by remembering its events and what it symbolizes. Connective: It is a true day that shall never be forgotten.

I. (Main Point) There are thousands of documents, books, hearings, and periodicals that explain the events of that day, but despite this level of investigation and the details of eyewitness accounts, there are still holes in the jigsaw puzzle of what exactly happened that morning. A. (Sub-Point) Perhaps it was the confusion that reigned down from the sky, as the waves of Japanese fighters, torpedo and dive-bombers appeared that Sunday. 1. (Support) In the book Pearl Harbor by H.P. Wilmott, survivors have told their stories and hundreds of photographs have been published showing columns of thick black oily smoke spiraling from the battleships as they lay stricken, helpless, and tied up at anchor. 2. (Support) Around them were the poundings taken by planes that were stuck on the airfields, parked up wing tip to wing tip. Transition: Above all, there was the pure disbelief of an attack that no one anticipated, expected, or even thought could happen. II. (Main Point) Yes, it is true to say that relations between Japan and the United States had...
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