Comm Studies Ia

Topics: Educational psychology, Adolescence, Woman, Childbirth, Effect, Family / Pages: 2 (260 words) / Published: Mar 13th, 2013
General Introduction Teenage Pregnancy
The topic I’ve selected is teenage pregnancy. The issue of teenage pregnancy has been a dominant factor affecting the lives of the members of my community Old Harbour Bay.
The term teenage pregnancy can be best defined by “pregnancy in a young woman who has not reached her 20th birthday when the pregnancy ends regardless of whether the woman is married or is legally an adult age (14-21).
Why I've decided to undertake the task of doing this topic is that in my community there is a vast majority of teenagers under the age of 21 who have gotten pregnant and thus it has affected themselves and families as well as the community at large.
It has sparked my academic interest in that I endeavor to find out the effects of Teenage pregnancy to someday try to help by using the knowledge I have obtained to teach those young ladies so that they will be wiser and put their academic pursuits first.
The career path I’ve chosen is one of an entrepreneur. This will one day assist me to help those teenagers by giving what they cannot give themselves. My career path will enable to hold seminars to educate and motivate those who have been affected as well as seek to counsel the family members.
By doing this research I will have obtained the necessary knowledge to benefit myself and my community and I will be able to look at this issue in a different light and view things in a whole new

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