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Cheri Allen
COMS 3302
July 5, 2010

History of the YMCA

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history of the YMCA. Introduction:

I. “Good morning everyone. Before I begin my presentation I would like to show everyone a video clip.” Attention Getter: Youtube video clip plays which will formally give an introduction to the YMCA.

“As you can tell by the video I will be giving a presentation on the YMCA. The YMCA relates to the career path that I’m in now it is also my current job and it also relates to my major. My major is University Studies with concentrations in health and wellness , community studies, and social science. All of these skills are needed to my job effectively. I will give a description of my job as well. In my presentation I am going to discuss the history and overview of the YMCA, programs and events established and also discuss where the YMCA stands today and gives the significance that it has on the world today. First I’m going to talk about the history and overview of the YMCA. Body:

I. History and overview of the YMCA.
A. The YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association i. According to the YMCA was established on June 6, 1844 in London, England by George Williams It was created in response to the end of the Industrial Revolution. During those times men were working 12 hour shifts, living condition were unhealthy and men were exposed to open sewers to thugs, drinking etc. ii. So the YMCA was started as bible study to substitute to trade in life on the street for bible study and prayer

iii. The first YMCA in America was established in Boston, Massachusetts

B. Overview of the YMCA
i. The YMCA has a significant value because of its mission statement which is to but Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy, spirit, mind and body for all. The mission statement has a different meaning for everyone. ii. The YMCA is also built on 5 core values. The core...
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