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communication arts research paper
topic: year-round school
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Even though some people think that year round school shouldn't be supported, I think that it should be supported because first you would get lots breaks, second you would get to do sports for school year-round, and third I think its more of an efficient way to do school to get better grades!

First, if you get lots of breaks during the year, Why not do year-round school? It also helps you because with summer when you get back to school after summer you are still in the summer mood so your not getting the things done that you usually would and that leads to bad grades on testes and quizzes witch ultimately leads to having bad grades on your report card and what people are trying to do is to have that not happen to you by having year-round school.

Second, think about this, playing sports for school year-round it will save your parents money and time because you don't have to sign up for those city teams that travel like all around the world and things like that it would really help you and your parents on money and time! also you wouldn't have to worry about switching teams because you are already on the school team well that's if you make the team of course!

Third, its a more efficient way for the parents and the kids because during the summer the parents still have to work and usually the kids are left home alone so it would give the kids something to do and you would still be working not having to worry about your kid all day so it helps you not be bored and help your parents not be stressed out!

Some people think year-round school is a good thing and others think its not a good thing its all a matter of opinion! year-round school can benefit in many ways to the human brain and I think that it is a great idea for kids who have trouble adjusting to things after such a long break like summer!! So after all it looks like year-round school isn't so bad of an option!
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