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Hillary Clinton for 2016 Presidency
According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton has built the largest campaign operation of any potential candidate so far. She has now announced that she is running for the 2016 Presidential Campaign as a Democratic candidate. Clinton was the former Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. In 2001, she was elected to the U.S. Senate and became the first lady to hold national office. As we all know, Hillary Clinton was previously the first lady of the United States when her husband Bill Clinton was president from 1993 to 2001. During Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, Hillary wasn’t just any first lady, in fact she was just as involved in politics as her husband was. Hillary was interested in various women’s causes. In 1995, she helped create the Violence against Women office in the Department of Justice and also promoted equal rights for women. In 1997, she created the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provided healthcare through state funding for children whose parents couldn’t afford to pay for insurance. When Clinton sworn in on January 3, 2001, she became the first wife of any president to run and win national office and was the first woman to be elected U.S. Senate from the state of New York.

In order for Hillary Clinton to win this campaign election, she must win over the Obama coalition, which includes blacks and young, college-educated white voters, the white working-class women, and the Hispanic population. She must convince them that she is on their side. Clinton is primarily focused on the children and grandchildren of the voters. She plans to highlight issues with women in particular, which includes early childhood education, affordable child care, higher minimum wage, and paid family and medical leave. Clinton first wants to invest in an economy that works for working Americans. She believes that increased investment will lead to economic growth, which will in turn increase wages and help out both families and businesses. Second, Hillary wants to provide tax relief to working families in order to keep up with the rising costs of education, healthcare, and child care. Clinton then wants to raise the minimum wage so that American workers can afford the basic necessities. Hillary wants to secure a foundation for the working families by making college affordable and attainable, providing quality child care, reduce health costs, and build savings for the working families so that they may retire with dignity.

I am in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign because I can see that she is more focused on the next generation. I am currently a college student and from my perspective, I can see that she wants to further education for the young adults and even young children. Her vision basically points out that the young adults and children are the future for our country.

First, as I previously stated, Clinton plans to provide tax relief for the working families. This means that the cost of education won’t be as big of an issue as it is today. The average cost of education today is about $23,000. By providing tax relief, it will be easier for families to afford education which will lead to more educated young adults.

Second, Hillary plans to also decrease youth unemployment. I am an unemployed college student and I have been looking for a stable job for over a year. The unemployment rate for Americans between the ages 18 to 34 years is 7.8% as of today. The unemployment rate for young adult African-Americans is 14.6%. The overall unemployment rate as of now is 5.5% which obviously less than the unemployment rate for just young adults. By having more young adults working in our economy, it will better our country and keep us out of a recession. Third, Clinton is planning to better our healthcare system. In 1993, Hillary Clinton began the Clinton healthcare plan which required each U.S. citizen to become...

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