Comm 315

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Comm 315
Week Three Assignment
Personal Action Plan Observation

Personal Action Plan Observation

“When we are judging everything, we are learning nothing.” -Steve Maraboli American social classes can be defined as: lower, middle and upper class. Social classes systems are defined by various factors and characteristics such as: income levels, occupations, educational background, net worth, personal possessions and ownership. (Bucher, 2010). Moreover, superficial factors play an integral role in defining one’s social class. Clothing, hairstyles, vehicles, jewelry, morals, and attitudes are examples of superficial factors that describe social class within society. (Bucher, 2010). Social class distinctions between societal groups and classes can be observable or concealed. The purpose of this essay involves a personal observation of a social class that is diverse from mine. Moreover, a personal action plan will be created based on the information and knowledge gained through my personal observations. The personal action plan will discuss ways to improve my diversity consciousness and awareness.

Personal Observations
I consider myself to be a member of the middle-class. I based the aforementioned statement on the following factors: my college degree, profession, income, home and vehicle ownership. As a result, I chose to observe members of what I consider to be the lower-income class. I decided to observe the consumers and atmosphere by shopping at the Goodwill store on College Drive in Baton Rouge. I chose the store because I frequent the Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Cato and Dollar Tree stores that are in close proximity to the location. I have made numerous donations to the store over the years. However, I have never gone inside just dropped off donated items to the workers in the rear of the building. I figured I should dress down for the shopping experience. I wore a...

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