COMM 2420 Document Design Exercise

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Document Design Exercise


Good communication is verbal, but it is also visual. Skilled communicators are able to see documents from two pairs of lenses: a writer/editor lens, and a designer lens. In this exercise, we will work on redesigning a document to be more navigable, engaging, and attractive.





Take a look at the attached document. It fails a number of benchmarks for a visually effective document. In Module 2, you’ve read about the ways that a document falls short of best practices in document design. Ask yourself:

a. Are there enough headings? Is there a clear hierarchy of information? b. Is important information easy to find and digest? Does this method of presentation enhance readability and clarity? c. Is the typeface logical for the situation? Size? Style? Text alignment? d. Is white space used to make the document inviting and easy to read?

Revise the document so that it conforms to the rules of good document design. You can review the readings for this module and study the tips sheet for document do’s and don’ts. You may add minor features like subheadings or visuals, but do not significantly alter the existing content. Do the following to the document:

a. Break the text into chunks, complete with bolded subheadings. b. Rethink the font. Choose a different size and typeface, keeping in mind the guidelines for effective text font. c. Create a bulleted list in certain portions of the text.

d. Add a visual, keeping in mind the guidelines for effective visuals. It should call out and augment some portion of the text.

Remember while you’re working to frequently check the “Print Preview” window and look at it with a critical eye.
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