Comm 215 Proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company

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Proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company
Timothy Koehler and Deyanira Hurtado
COMM 215 – Essentials of College Writing
December 1, 2011
Dr. Cassundra White

Proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company
Because of the current market economy, the Artemis Sportswear Company has decided to execute a small number of reconstructions without change of ownership and implement some energy saving strategies, all of which are focused at cutting operational costs and overhead expenditures. It is imperative that the company continues to make best use of its available resources in addition to implementing newer, more innovative, energy conservation strategies. Simply put, the company’s objective is to cut its yearly utility expenses and increase profits with minimal effects on productivity and its employees.
Established in 1967, the Artemis Sportswear Company introduced its first official sports team jersey and currently continues to manufacture a wide array of athletic products and men and women’s clothing, ranging from team jerseys to sports equipment. Since then there has been a significant increase in business competition, together with stricter state policies and regulations, all of which have contributed to the current status of the company, and its slight decline in annual revenue. The company has been in profitable business for 45 years, and to remain a cost effective and lucrative business, the company will need to undergo drastic infrastructure modifications to offset the increasing utility costs associated with operating a company in Southern California and other high cost energy areas. Companies that implement energy-efficient measures outperform their competitors by as much as 10% (Flex Your Power, n.d.). The company is presently considering various restructuring options and renewable energy retrofits to ensure that it remains a profitable and successful company in the 21st century. The goal and objective of the company is to cut overhead

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