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Topics: Marshall McLuhan / Pages: 3 (695 words) / Published: Oct 20th, 2013
Study Guide – CMNS 110, Fall 2013

The following is a hierarchical list of concepts, theories, illustrations and questions of which you will need to have a comprehensive grasp in order to complete the midterm exam. The list is exhaustive – it’s everything we’ve covered this term thus far. If you know everything that’s here (and know where to find it in our readings and lecture slides), then you’ll have all of the answers you’ll need for this test of knowledge.

Where relevant/appropriate, I have also indicated where the readings reinforce or elaborate certain important ideas. Remember that half of the questions will directly address the required readings, so please make sure you know your way around them.

Happy studying!

Week One Lecture 3 Definitions of Media Ionesco’s absurdist view of communication Jazz music: how does it communicate? Ermahgerd: what is a meme? Yo Gabba Gabba: who is the audience? Shoes: how are they media?

Week Two Lecture
Models of Communication: Claude Shannon Monological/Action Model Dialogical/Two-Step/Interaction Model Transactional Model Transmission Model Ritual Model
Mediated Communication Unmediated CMNS:
Intrapersonal CMNS Interpersonal CMNS Group CMNS Mediated CMNS: Dialogic CMNS Mass mediated CMNS Proxemics Kinesics Haptics What communication carries – truth or ideas? Mad Men and representations of history Occupy Law & Order and representations of reality Political communication and Badlipreads (Mitt Romney) Three Ways of Knowing (form, Form, and substance) Plato’s Cave

Miller reading definitions of CMNS models (echoing lecture material)

Postman reading The story of Thamus Orality and print (echoing lecture material) Technopoly (knowledge monopolies, echoing lecture material)

Week Three Lecture Language Evolution & Acquisition St. Augustine’s intuitive account ‘Magical’ words Gestural Origins Hypothesis
Call of

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