Comingof Age - Adolescence and Identity

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Coming of Age Interview
Adolescence and Identity

Life is a series of lessons and challenges which help us to grow. According to Erik Erickson, the better that people come through each crisis, the better they will tend to deal with what lies ahead. People experience the most lessons during their childhood when they are just learning of how the world operates. Children and young adults handle situations very differently because their thought processes are different depending on their experiences. Of course lessons can be revisited successfully when they reoccur as adults, if they are recognized as a problem.

This essay is a good example of how two people raised in different environments felt like they became adults. I chose to use myself as one example and a co-worker to compare to. The interviewee is a 23 year old male named Michael. Michael was raised by his mother and father in Texas. His father was in the Marines and their family moved a lot. He said that his father was hard on him to always be manly and tough and he was physical with him for punishment. His parents eventually divorced and Michael started to do his own thing with his friends in Texas while staying at his moms. He said that because he moved a lot growing up he was okay with having his things scattered about and staying with different people. It seemed like he did not have much stability after graduating High School. He waited two years after High School before he realized that he needed to do something with his life. It was a shock to him that life was nothing like High School. He stated, “I was the popular one in High School and I had a lot of friends. After we graduated they all did things and I stayed and was bored. I decided to join the Marines like my dad.” Michael ended up in the Army instead which is how he became my co-worker. Now, Michael is newly married and takes care of a one year old girl. He has his own apartment and is the only one who brings home the income. He said...

References: Erikson, E. H. (1980). Ego Development and Historical Change. Identity and the life cycle (pp. 17-50). New York: Norton.
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