Coming Out and Secret Place

Topics: Coming out, English-language films, Victim Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: July 27, 2004
On a normal Saturday night my friends and I always use to go to our secret place in the woods and tell each other ghost stories and discuss the problems that we had. One of my friends told everybody "that there is such things as aliens and it happened 1 year ago on this very day, 21st may. I came back from my friend's house and I was walking and then I saw it. There was lights surrounding a circular object and I started to feel fear inside me. Then it illuminated more brightly and then I saw it but I thought to myself it couldn't possibly be a flying saucer.

Out of no where I saw the door opening and then a plank falling down and then came out these aliens. They were short and they were wearing a mask. Their eyes were popped out. I saw that they were armed and I knew that I had to hide. I decide to hide in the bushes. They stood at the end of the road and waited and waited but I didn't know what they were up too until later when I saw a person pass by and they shot him right in the heart. Then I saw ice coming out of the bullet where it was shot and covering the victim. Then two guys approached the victim and carried him to flying saucer. The flying saucer then started to turn and then it lift out of the ground and disappeared into thin air." All of my friends were listening to every word that he had just said. I knew that it was one lie that my friend had just cooked up and I was sure that I was not going to believe it.

That night I made my way back home and suddenly I heard a shot and then I felt a sudden pain. I turned myself to where the shot hit me and then I saw it the aliens. The ice covered me as I went into a deep dark sleep.
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