Coming Out and End Haunted House

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The Creepy Night
By Bling Dog

The night was cold and windy. The moon was a full moon
tonight. The trees looked haunted and scary with their big
shadows. The sky was completely pitch black.
There was a haunted house. It had a purplish-blackish
roof. The house was painted completely pitch black. The door was an indigo color. The lights were out, but the chimney was puffing out black puffy smoke. On the roof there were some
very scary looking bats. They even looked real. On the front door there was a skeleton, and it kept on repeating, "Don't
enter! Save Your Soul!" There were vines and plants growing
over the haunted house. On a windowsill there was even a
fake Chucky.
When I started walking up to the door I felt like I was going to explode! I was so freaked out. I started sweating and
started to shake. I was there, all alone. I wanted to scream, but it wouldn't come out. I was getting more freaked out by
every step. I actually felt like I should turn back and run. But,

the haunted house made me feel sort of drawn to it. A bat flew overhead and shrieked "eek!"
I went to the doorknob and reached for it. It felt slimy and gooey. I looked and saw it had red stuff on it. I took the red stuff off my hand and then the doorknob. I felt the doorknob and it felt like soft wood. It was a dark maroon color and

looked big compared to my little hand. When I opened the door it creaked louder and louder until I finally opened it the whole way.
In the inside I smelled something burning. I saw spiders
and cobwebs and dust. The light bulb was very dim. I wanted
to turn back but I was drawn to it. I walked to the stairs and went up the stairs. I heard a washing machine somewhere.
Every time I took a step the floor creaked. I heard owls, bats, and mice when I went up the stairs.
All of a sudden, a zombie jumped in front of me. She took
off the mask and my friend asked "Hey! Can I come to your
house afterwards?" I said, "Yes." She went off somewhere. I
looked around. There was nothing up here. I rushed
downstairs and there she was.
So, we ran to my house and when I was watching TV later
that night I thought, no more going into haunted houses!

The House of Screams
By Cbot

"Charlie, are you almost done? You're taking up the whole night!" I said. "Just a minute, let me get my bag!" Charlie yelled, as he was coming down the stairs. "Mom, we'll be back by three 'o'clock,” I exclaimed. I took my bag and ran out of the house. "Where are we going again?" asked Charlie, a little nervously. "To the only haunted house in town," I answered.

It was a dark night, the trees were ruffling in the wind, and wolves were howling spookily. The haunted house in front of us was black with a raspberry bush right next to it. In red paint on the wall next to the door was written "Watch Out!" Lightning struck and lit up the house. Scary booing came out of nowhere. The three-story building had a porch, and a cracked fence, and a chimney coming down slowly. The windows were all broken with blood coming down the windowsill.

I approached the front door with Charlie. We were feeling one hundred percent scared. I don't know about Charlie, but I thought he might flee in like a minute or two. My heart was beating very fast. A bat flew over Charlie and I, and it made a light scratching sound over and over again.

My hand touched the doorknob, and it felt very cold, almost like nobody ever touched it. The doorknob was gold with a lot of stains on it and dirt. When I opened the door it made a loud scratching sound. Charlie and I walked inside and we were freaked out.

There were pictures of famous people with knives and blood coming down on them. There was a staircase with cobwebs all over it. There were old candles with spiders all over them. I could see a hallway that lead to the living room. The scent of the house smelled like dead people. I still heard the strange booing sound coming out of nowhere.

I walked up the stairs with...
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