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Topics: Childbirth, English-language films, Pregnancy Pages: 1 (770 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Pd.1 10/29/14 Coming of Age Story My coming of age of age incident is the most beautiful experience I have ever lived in my life The amazing most precious coming of age incident I had was the precious gift of being a mother I gave birth to a precious, the most beautiful baby on earth my baby girl Evelyn. No matter how much you think ahead, labor and delivery rarely go according to how you plan it to be. Labor wasnt as bad as it many women describe it to be. I heard so many horror stories about giving birth that I got scared when I was at the hospital. I imagined feeling like I would die but contractions were very manageable for me. I had a higher pain tolerance level than I thought. I feel so proud of my self because I didnt even get an epidural I gave birth to my daughter all natural. Of the whole pregnancy and birth of my daughter Evelyn, I enjoyed labor and delivery the most. After my daughter was born I felt a big emotion and sadness that I started crying. All of a sudden I felt so old (lol). I just felt that feeling like if a 100 lbs fell on top of me and I felt different. Right that moment I felt older because Im a mother now. Even though there a lot of single moms or mom out there young like me most of them still go out and leave their babies at home with their parents because they feel like their life is to hard with a baby. Well not me I love my daughter Im a full time mom. Yea my mom takes care of my baby when Im at school but once Im home I dont even go out and if I do I take her with me everywhere I go. Evelyn is my life I feel a lot more mature Im an adult now. My grandma got married at 14 I know how to cook clean do everything so its like a tradition to be young moms. Every time I see my grandma she tells me I was already ready to take that step in my life that shes really proud of the women I am. Life as a mom is not easy but not impossible. When they wheeled my daughter in next to my bed in the recovery room. I spoke to her and she tried to...
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