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Issues on Representations
Representations in comics are among the more fun ways of expressing one’s thoughts about certain subjects. However, there are several concerns that need to be considered when thinking of representations. First, a writer or cartoonist has to decide on what theme would the comic delve with. This will basically affect all of the other things needed to be considered. As Scott McCloud discussed, the profitability of the material should also be seriously thought of otherwise the comic will not succeed. In doing so, one considers the range of potential readers and therefore thinks about gender balance to at least reach all kinds of people. Of course profitability is a serious matter to cartoonists and writers because it is not just an expression of their artistic side but it is also their job that should be well-compensated. Minority representation is a social issue that becomes a major concern in comics. It does not only make readers critical of social issues going around them such as feminism, sexism, racism and others which have been the theme of many comic strips that made great noise in the industry. Sometimes, the most daring themes often succeed because of the popularity it can cause from the criticisms it gains from the public eye. Nevertheless, there are laws that often hold back artists in seriously considering their kinds of material otherwise they will be considered pornographic just as it was ruled in 1973 by the Supreme Court that a material is “considered obscene if they offended prevailing community standards”. Another important detail to consider in representations is diversity of genre. When genres are determined, it would be easier for writers and readers to identify what is most read. As a medium, some of the benefits of representations are becoming the voice for minorities, discuss on social issues in a catchy manner and educate and encourage children to become more critical of...
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