Comforts of Home Notes

Topics: Harshad number, Blue, Red Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: July 10, 2005
The Comforts of Home

Character Description ¡V

Sarah Ham:
„±¡§Nymphomaniac¡¨ Pg. 117
„±¡§¡Konly nineteen years old.¡¨ Pg. 119
„±¡§Congenital liar.¡¨ Pg. 121
„±¡§Her hair was cut like a dog¡¦s or an elf¡¦s and she was dressed in the latest fashion.¡¨ Pg. 122

„±¡§It was the first time in his thirty-five years¡K¡¨ Pg. 116 „±¡§Thomas loved his mother.¡¨ Pg. 118
„±¡§Thomas had inherited his father¡¦s reason with his ruthlessness and his mother¡¦s love of good without her tendency to pursue it.¡¨ Pg. 121 „±¡§Born without the moral faculty ¡V like somebody else would be born without a kidney or a leg.¡¨ Pg. 118

Themes ¡V

Domestic Disruption:
„±¡§His mother, with her daredevil charity, was about to wreck the peace of the house.¡¨ Pg. 116 „±¡§If you bring that girl back into this house, I leave. You can choose ¡V her or me.¡¨ Pg. 116

Moral Concerns:
„±¡§Send her back to jail.¡¨ Pg. 118
„±¡§Untouched by useless compassion, he would have pulled the necessary strings with his crony, the sheriff, and the girl would have been packed off to the state penitentiary to serve her time.¡¨ Pg. 121 „±¡§He reddened, feeling it beneath him to show contempt for any creature so pathetic.¡¨ Pg. 123 „±¡§¡Kthis would be his opportunity to tell the girl that unless she ceased to be a parasite on his mother, he would see to it, personally, that she was returned to jail.¡¨ Pg. 125 „±¡§His first instant of hope that she had cut her throat¡K¡¨ Pg. 132 „±¡§If she shoots herself, so much the better.¡¨ Pg. 133 „±¡§The old man would have been able with no qualms at all to get her drunk and send her out on the highway in his car¡K¡¨ Pg. 134 „±¡§Go plant it in her pocketbook.¡¨ Pg. 139

References ¡V


„±¡§was framed in pink rubber curlers¡¨ Pg. 116
„±¡§were the blue of great distances after sunset¡¨ Pg. 117 „±¡§he reddened, feeling it beneath him¡¨ Pg. 123
„±¡§the light at the first intersection was red but he ignored it¡¨ Pg. 125...
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