Comfort Taxi

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Enhancing Competitiveness: Comfort Taxi

1.   Describe the customer value proposition and the profit model that underlay Comfort Taxi’s business model. Customer Value Proposition
Who is the Customer. Comfort Transportations customers are taxi cab drivers (internal), and those who need taxi services (external).
What does the customer value? Taxi Cab Drivers value easy access to external customers and ease of use for the other problems they must worry about such as rental fees and gas. External Customers value lower wait times, ease of use in ordering a cab, good value for the service received and an easy manner of accessing a cab and other services. How does our product/ service meet the customer’s needs? The Technologies that Comfort Transportation uses allows for the the drivers to give more taxi rides and thus increase their income and at the same time give customers what they desire, less wait times and ease of use.

How is revenue generated? Revenue is generated from taxi service fees and pick of fees from customers.  It does not clearly state how comfort taxi receives revenue from this.  It appears they split the pick of fee with the driver and drivers pay fees to Comfort Taxi but how much and how this is allocated is not specific.

What is the cost structure? Comfort Taxi has overhead costs from operators and other overhead expenses, payments on cars and technology.  The reading suggests the drivers pay for gas but Comfort Taxi pays for performance maintenance on the vehicles and insurance for the drivers.

How exactly is profit created? Profit is generated when taxi drivers spend more time picking up and driving external customers to their destinations and are able to pay the rental fees for the vehicles.

2.  What is (are) Comfort Taxi’s dominant value discipline(s)?

Comfort taxi offers a range of taxi services, from taxi services for the mass market to niche taxi services for corporate users. Being the largest taxi operator...
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