Comedy on Lysistrata and Midsummers Night Dream
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The comedy in both Midsummer Night's Dream and Lysistrata is portrayed through the comic characters suffering some pain. In Lysistrata the men were suffering from their wives refusing to have sexual relations until the war ends. Watching the men suffer physical pain over the sex strike brings more excitement and entertainment to the audience. Even now a days sexual content is considered humorous, especially when the men want it so much in this play but the women tease them and then refuse. Also whenever the women came together to scheme against the men was a great addition to the level of comedy in this play. Even in the Three Sisters when the sisters are sitting together, and one is serious, and Masha keeps humming and is unaware of her sisters desire, theres comedy in that. The women in the beginning of Lysistrata thought it was absurd and wanted to do anything else but refrain from sex, another form of comedy portrayed through suffering. Whenever there is a group of women together scheming there will always be comedy, because women tend to say funny things when they are together. The get together was a matter of personal stories becoming public. They were planning on taking over the Acropolis even though they did not have as many rights then. This has a comic element because the women disregarded their social roles as being a house to wanting to take over the Acropolis! In a Midsummer Night's Dream there is comedy that hurts because really strong feelings were messed around with. When the love potions were sprinkled on the wrong people, there's comedy in that because first both Demtrius and Lysander loved Hermia, and then because of the potion they both loved Helena. Hermia was upset and her and Helena got into a fight and Helena made fun of Hermia's height, this is all so comic. In addition, now a days most movies have a character like Puck, the guy who means well but cannot get it right and always messes things up. These characters always come to set the play

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