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Topics: Family, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mother Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Comedy Scene Analysis: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Comedic movies combine clever dialogue with superb actors and unique cinematography to stir up good feelings in the audience. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is a classic comedy film that has the audience laughing throughout the entire movie. The movie tells the story of Ian and Toula and their interesting and hilarious journey to marriage. Ian comes from a very conservative home with two shy parents and no extended family. Toula comes from a very large, loud, Greek family. Once they fall in love, they must work on blending their two very different families together in order to make the relationship work. During this scene, Toula has invited Ian and his parents for a “quiet dinner to meet her parents”. However, her parents take this as another opportunity to gather the entire family together to dance, eat, and celebrate. When Ian’s parents arrive, they are horrified at the party scene that they see on Toula’s front yard with music, dancing, and dinner roasting over an open fire.

The camera is used very effectively in this scene to capture the reaction of both sets of parents and also Ian and Toula. The first shot is of Ian, Toula, and Ian’s parents in the car as they are driving to Toula’s house. The camera pans to show all four faces and emphasize on their facial expressions. Ian is calm while Toula is obviously nervous and uncomfortable and Ian’s parents give a look of uneasiness. The camera then changes to show the outside of the car when Ian’s parents role down the window as they pull up to Toula’s house. This is the first time that they are seeing how Toula’s family lives. A reaction shot is used to display the horrific way that both of Ian’s parents stare at the festivities that are taking place on the front lawn. The camera than glances up at Toula’s yard to show the entire family dancing and running around and then back at the parent’s shocked expression. These shots foreshadow how the rest of the...
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