Combustion of Magnesium Oxide

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To calculate the number of moles and the empirical formula of magnesium oxide. Safety precautions:
1) Wear lab coat
2) Wear gogles.
3)Make sure the bunsen burner is working properly and their is no leakage. 4) Wear gloves.
The weight of the magnesium ribbon increases after burning, so this indicated that their was a change in mass. This change happened because of the magnesium ribbon inside the crucible which reacted with Oxygen, producing Magnesium Oxide(MgO).At the end of the experiment when deionized water was added to MgO an odor smell was observed. Variables:

Way of measuring/control
Volume of Oxygen

Mass of magnesium
Specific mass of magnesium ribbon was required to carry out the experiment which was measured by .sing a digital balance Controlled
-room temperature
The room temperature was constant through out the experiment, which was 25 C approximately.

The pressure remained the same during the whole experiment.

Apparatus used in this experiment:
1] Tongs
2]Bunsen burner
3]Digital balance
4] Crucible/lid
5] Ring stand/clay triangle
6] Safety googles
7] Magnesium ribbon (5cm)

1] Fire the empty crucible and lid for about 3 minutes to remove water and other impurities, and make sure there are no cracks. Remove the flame...
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