Combustion In CI Engines

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Diesel engine, Combustion Pages: 20 (6059 words) Published: October 23, 2013
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Literature review 2 1 Introduction 4 1.1 Introduction 4 1.2 Classification of IC Engines 5 2 Compression Ignition Engine 5 2.1 Compression Ignition Engine 5 2.2 Essential Feature of combustion process 6 2.3 Stages of Combustion in CI engine 7 2.4 Combustion phenomenon in CI Vs SI engine 10 2.5 Factor affecting delay period 11 3 Diesel Knock 13 3.1 Phenomenon of diesel knocks 13 3.2 Methods of controlling Diesel knock 14 3.3 Comparison of knock in SI and CI engines 14 3.4 Knock rating of CI fuels 15 4 Diesel Index 15 5 Conclusion 17 6 References 18

Combustion, fire, and flame have been observed and speculated about from earliest times. Every civilization has had its own explanation for them. The Greeks interpreted combustion in terms of philosophical doctrines, one of which was that a certain “inflammable principle” was contained in all combustible bodies and this principle escaped when the body was burned to react with air. A generalization of the concept was provided by the phlogiston theory, formulated in the 17th century. Treated at first as a purely metaphysical quality, phlogiston was later conceived as a material substance having weight and, sometimes, negative weight. The inadequacy of the phlogiston theory became apparent only in the late 18th century, when it proved unable to explain a host of new facts about combustion that were being observed for the first time as the result of increasing accuracy in laboratory experiments. The English natural philosopher Sir Francis Bacon observed in 1620 that a candle flame has a structure at about the same time that Robert Fludd, an English mystic,...
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