Topics: Marketing, USB flash drive, Flash memory Pages: 3 (530 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Company: Pyxis Company Technology
Leader: Magaling Marjoric S,
Member: Santos Lancelot
Lazaro Rochelyn
Rafols John Carlo
Domingo Gabriel

Pyxis Technology Company started to be the best selling Flash Drives in the year of 1999, when the woman named Marjoric Magaling becomes the new manager of the company, her skills, intelligence and effort made the Pyxis Technology the leading brand and the most selling flash drive in the Philippines. (optional)

Marjoric graduated in elementary at Marciano C Rivera Elementary School as valedictorian, and in High School at Guiguinto National Vocational High School, with honors. She finished her degree in Information Technology, guided by her parents, Marjoric continue to excel in IT and decided to work on a flash drive selling company named Pyxis Technology as an assistant manager, as a beautiful and friendly woman, she became friends with Lancelot Santos, John Carlo Rafols, Rochelyn Lazaro and Gabriel Domingo who work in Company as employees in marketing sales, by the time Marjoric was promoted and become the new manager, she didn’t forget her friends and promoted them as well, Marjoric skills and intelligence deliver the company to success and keeping the mission of the company to everyone.

I. Company Profile (History, Ownership, Organizational Chart, Location)


To become a quality product manufacturer and leader of protection. Data privacy and data loss prevention.

II. Mission Statement

Data resolve was built with a mission to create a strong team of technical experts in the area of information security and great work culture to deliver best products for data protection and security.

III. Vision Statement

IV.I Values of our Company
* We do what has to be done.
* We don’t just sit when there is needed to be done, we always deliver what the...
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