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This report will analyze and discuss of the case study; Airline Industry Analysis, Comair. In this report we also will include both traditional and changing strategies within the industry. In this report, point will be discussed such as what causes the failure? What should be done by the manager, Delta executive and IT crew management to avoid this exposure

Problem : Comair’s Crew Scheduling System Breaks Down
Case Study : Airline Industry Analysis
Comair, the airline which is owned by Delta Air Lines. The network system crashed because their legacy crew management application failed, causes a huge losses to Comair. The network system fail because the managers feel more comfortable to the current system and delaying the replacement of crew management system.. The manager also determining on the data that been recorded and installed in the old system. Beside the pilot contracts were also recorded inside the old system. Additional, IT management changed frequently and Comair was acquired by Delta. The IT management worker was still waiting someone who will come to fixed the problem.

Conclusion, the system was too old and need replacement, but the management team unable to replace a new system due to other urgent business matter. Also, the idea to replace the crew management was too late. The legacy system failed, and management aws left to bath handle the consequences and explain why the failure occurred.

Where did the misaligment between the business strategy and the information system occur?
The misaligment does not happen directly but it occur procedurely. The very first problem that occur on Comair was the information system. In 1997, Eric Bardes joined the Comair IT department. The first thing he does it to replace the aging legacy system regional airline utilised to manage flight crews. But the replacement of the old system to Maestro did not success because one of the flight crew supervisors does not accept it. But after the...
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