Coma Treatment

Topics: Coma, Oxygen, Neurology Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Brain Disorder:
Brain or mental disorders relates to mental distress and disability. There are several categories of brain disorders which relate back to some serious problems as symptoms. These symptoms can be genetic as well as infections, head and spinal cord injuries, and injuries. (Myfundi, 2012) Coma

State of unconsciousness is termed as coma which is explained as brain disorder. A patient in state of coma is not able to interact with the environment. There may be sleep and wakening intervals but patient is not able to know much about the surroundings. The brain signals and activity in common person under sleep is much variant than in patient under coma sleep. A person in comatose condition is not waked up but the normal person in sleep can be. There are chances that after treatment patient can normally start his life when he is out of comma but it not always happen. The condition of comatose is difficult to understand. Coma patients have spontaneous effect and activities that impersonate conscious activities. (Steven Dowshen, 2011) Types of Coma

Toxic-metabolic encephalopathy: this disorder is related to confusions, when patient is not able to understand and comprehend. •Anoxic brain injury: the lack of oxygen in brain causes this coma. Brain cells die because of this condition. •Persistent vegetative state. State of unconsciousness relates to this disease. The patient is not aware of his surroundings.

Locked-in syndrome: this disease is very rare. The patient is in state of paralysis but can only move eyes. The mind is in conscious. •Brain death: this is non curing disease in which brain stop working. (Richard Senelick, 2012)

Causes of Coma
Injuries on brain can cause coma or brain disorder. These brain injuries can be due to enlarged pressure, bleeding, oxygen loss, or buildup of toxin. The injury can be temporary and reversible. It also can be permanent. Problems that can mostly lead to coma are circulatory problems and trauma. The...
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