Com140 Week 5 Persuasive Memo

Topics: Real estate, Building, Storey Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: March 17, 2010
To: Charlotte Alexander
From: Sonya Busnardo
Date: 2/25/2010
Subject: River View Plaza/DigiFast

An in depth review of our organization’s needs and concerns has led me to an idea that would not only benefit our company and its employees, but other tenants and building owners. The proposal is to attract a deli/coffee shop that would be situated on the first floor. This would provide easy access for other companies in the area and also provide an additional break area for tenants and their employees. A deli/coffee shop would bring outside business into the building and would expose those individuals to the services of the tenants. It would also provide the business owners with an additional amenity to attract future tenants, and perhaps convince the owners to add an additional breakroom or relocate the current one. The deli/coffee shop could also offer a delivery service to both the office building and surrounding office buildings, which would alleviate some of the traffic. Because a deli/coffee shop provides fast service, the need for additional parking may not be necessary. Several spaces in the front of the building can be allocated as five minute or ten minute “deli” spaces to allow quick and easy access. One or two extra, outside trash receptacles can be ordered to accommodate the increased load and deliveries to the deli can be arranged during low traffic time. All other burdens, i.e., tenant improvements, extra venting and insurance would be the responsibility of the deli.
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