Com Team Leader Analysis

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1) Describe the leadership qualities you possess that would make you a good COM Team Co-Chair to a first year student.

One of the most valuable characteristics that would allow me to serve well as a COM Team Co-Chair is my ability to represent myself as a positive role model. As a youth gymnastics coach for four years, and peer tutor in the University of South Carolina Student Success Center throughout college, I took on a role as a motivator and encourager. I led my students with an enthusiastic and motivating attitude, while demonstrating a professional demeanor, exercising communication skills throughout.
I also possess important organizational and problem solving skills that would be necessary in serving as a Co Chair. I demonstrated these skills during my experience as the vice president of the Club
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We have the perfect mixture of a fun yet professional environment and I know I have grown so much as a result of my experiences with my COM team. I have developed lasting relationships with my team members and have had amazing preceptors as well. My COM team leaders are so relatable and full of insight. They possess a perfect amount of honesty and encouragement in regards to how tough, yet exciting the first year of medical school can be. They are always very eager to answer any questions or address any concerns that we have and this stretched beyond orientation week. I have become friends with my COM leaders throughout the course of this year. As a result of my experience in my COM team and orientation, I knew I wanted to be involved in the COM orientation process for future students. I know that I can be a relatable and positive role model for incoming medical students. As the role of the Co-Chairs became evident, I realized that I wanted to be a part of the great responsibility of organizing and planning orientation, as well as leading the COM team

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